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AFS Aquatic-70 Reverse Osmosis System


Aquatic Filter System's 

The Aquatic-70 Premium Reverse Osmosis System

"Our highest quality and highest purity home drinking water system"

We present, our highest quality  high purity, Aquatic-70 Reverse Osmosis system. We build these systems from scratch at Aquatic Filter Systems. We strive to use the utmost high quality components for water purification and drinking water quality. We know our system is going drastically improve our customers life and health, we take this into consideration by keeping to the quality over quantity mindset. Businesses thrive when the customers are 100% satisfied  and we promise that this will be your experience.
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What you can expect from buying this Reverse Osmosis Package from AFS.
  • Our systems are built by our well guru trained specialized technicians. 
  • Made in the USA from the highest quality parts.
  • Removes nearly all contaminates from your drinking water, including but not limited to: Fluoride and Chloramines.
  • This unit operates on City water and Well water (some waters may require pre-filtration) as with any R/O unit.  
  • Units are completely Prefabricated and Labeled for easy installation, most don't even require a plumber for install.
  • System's 2 filter element should be replaced every 2-years, unlike other units which are every 6-months.
  • Units are covered by Email tech. support.
  • Unit is equipped with a non-electric permeate pump.
  • All the systems fittings are 100% John Guest, for reliability. 
  • Unit is completely  sealed.
  • Meets US Code for lead-free water production.
  • Systems storage vessel has a pure virgin-poly batter tank, with 4-gallons storage (2 gal. water - 2 gal. air pressure) 
  • Removes substances as small as an atom from the water, purifying into the Dalton Scale.
  • Package comes with Chrome over Brass dedicated faucet.
  • Shipping for the unit is Free of charge. (Inside the USA)
  • Systems can be custom built and designed for your specific needs and consumption, email for inquiry and quote.
  • Not sure if you need an R/O with your new whole home filtration system? I test your water and can advise. 
Order the NEW 2015 Aquatic-70 permeate  Reverse Osmosis Today!
Do it for your Health, your Family, your Wallet, and better your life over all!
No more buying Bottled Water from the store!
Makes Premium Water Right from the Tap! 

I have been engineering R/O systems since the early 90's  and my units are the most problem free longest lasting and easiest to maintain on the market.  All R/O units are not equal !  my system operates 300% more 
efficient then warehouse and franchise units.  This means more pressure and quicker recovery and more efficiency and long filter life.   I units are assembled and tested and come with quick connect fittings .
You wont find one easier to install or better quality and our filter elements are non-proprietary !    

Current Sale Price Is: [ $488.00 ] 
Shipping is always Free.
(Inside the USA)
Reverse Osmosis with The WellGuru whole home well system

Have a business ?  We can design and build you a custom system for all of your needs.

We also sell replacement filters for our Reverse Osmosis
System w
hich you can buy here on the AFS online store through Paypal®, 

*3rd stage membrane should be changed every 2-10 years, depending on your water quality.* 
*Typically filters last an average of 2 years in our system depending on your water quality.*
*Reverse Osmosis Systems typically do not preform when operating on 12-grains of Hardness or more and 2000-TDS or more.

Pre-filtration is always recommended (this would be The Well Guru Super installed to pre-treat incoming water) on your well.  
If you have city municipal water and you have turbidity or its over 12 grains hardness filter element life can decrease.  Most well waters require pre-treatment of the whole home system to use a reverse osmosis as untreated well water can cause maintenance and water quality problems.      

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