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Welcome to our site!  
I'm Eric Watson, the Owner of AFS
I believe in old fashion service,  and I will take you professionally from point A to Z.  


You get personal service before and after the sale and quality water analysis.

I will also personally help you select the best location and we will install your system to perfection. 

I am a plumber since 1987 (Retired)  Not a Salesman or someone doing this on the side .. We custom build a quality reliable well-water or city water systems and you can own them no matter where you live. We offer Free shipping to the lower 48 States  You can have the finest technology no matter where you live..  We do not offer plumbing service We engineer "systems".    

 If we ship your systems they are assembled but separate the components and most of it is pre-plumbed (all the difficult connections and assembly is done) .

  It comes with a connect kit and programmed to your well.  Our systems are the absolute easiest to maintain and engineered to last in-defiantly and  require no dealer service calls. 

 Nothing makes your drinking water more pure 
that's a scientific fact  then our whole home Filtration system with an under sink reverse osmosis (we build the best and most complete systems with made in America filter Tanks and advanced electronics (Ten year warranty ! no other electronic panel has this warranty or sophistication and America does engineer the best contrary to popular belief.   I offer free technical support for life and you will receive a special number for immediate help if needed.  As a plumber for over three decades and experienced with all phases of commercial and 
residential construction with homes, custom high end homes, hospitals and labs government installations, dentists offices, restaurants hotels etc... there is no problem we cannot solve for you. Does the Guy your thinking about buying from have experience to support you from problems from your ice maker to your well head?  No..not likely...most of the dealers are salesman or they have a job outside of filtration and they fill orders at night.  I can walk you through virtually and troubleshooting that could arise and give you a solution.   

  I have over 35 years in residential/commercial plumbing service (retired from plumbing) with my system you also receive my service notes from over forty years that in it self can walk you through any remedy without involving one of today's mechanics (and if you have hired anyone in the last decade ) you probably wished you did the job yourself.  There is nothing that can go wrong on my systems with my engineering that wont take you about five minutes or less to repair or troubleshoot.   i build and engineer my systems this way as this is what i would expect from a master mechanic !   

 Why Take a chance with anything else ?




BBB rating A+ 
Same location since 1986
40 years of experience   

call or text my cellular phone at:
     (727) 465-4610

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