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Our best system: 2017

 You're looking at the latest in well water filtration 
technology the Whole home Well Guru Super ! 

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 Find our Feature Benefit Videos on YouTube 
on - Aquatic Filter Systems - Channel  ! 

Retired Plumber   38 years of experience 
We Provide Filtration systems - We do not offer plumbing services/Repairs 
Same location since   1986
We solve well water problems others cant (or create)   

BBB rating A+
             EPA'S  1st Recommended Technology for Private Well Water filtration
(EPA and AFS also recommends adding a membrane filter for drinking a cooking needs which we also build the finest system available.
Look at our Aquatic 70 Reverse Osmosis Permeate unit page)     

    The "NEW"  Well Guru Super "Enhanced" Whole Home Well Filtration System    

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                    The Well Guru Super completely processes your private or commercial potable well water  

                                                                      Everything We talk about
                                                                                           in our
YouTube Channel -Aquatic Filter Systems 

Sale includes everything you see in the sale photo above  our full spectrum complete platform:

 2) Digital WG Automated Filters with our premium filter medias (No more changing medias every two or three years!)
 1) 120 AFS multi chamber Retention vessel-with bottom chamber purge port.
 1) Salt hopper with ceramic safety float . 
 1) Our "New" 2016 exclusive  AFS Tri-Chlorinator with built in back flow protection and SS liquid  gauge!  
 1) Home owner  Installation kit complete  

 This is the same successful annually updated  treatment system
 I have been engineering for over 3 decades- you cant buy a better system .  

This system takes care of well water problems and performs
 year after year with no dealer service calls !
Treats  problem Iron and Sulfur Rotten egg smell and water hardness and filters contaminates and Chlorinates  and  de-chlorinates your water before it enters the home giving you bottled quality water at all your taps .
  If you have had systems and filters in the past that required several costly dealer services annually,... or well water that could not be treated to your satisfaction.....
then this is the system for you
 and your family !  

Why Choose AFS ?

• MOST effective at treating well water  
• Nothing on the market comes close to our technology 
• The easiest to maintain complete filter platform- removes chlorination before entering home 
• No more lugging home heavy five gallon jugs of chlorine -we use hard puck chlorine

• Saves up to 70% in salt with our fully automated post fill feature
• Engineered to last a lifetime --not 2 to  5 years - no annoying dealer services! 
• Filters the highest levels of iron and sulfur-  great water even if you have had other systems    

• The highest flow rates of any advertised residential system 
• The best warranty on the market - a real warranty!  No monthly charges !
• Ten year warranty on electronic panels, nothing even comes close! 

• Military grade electronics that can't lose dealer programming-uses accurate hologram aligning   
+ Discount for Do-it-Your Selfr's !  
• FREE shipping to the lower 48 States -arrives separated in four manageable boxes -assembled   
• FREE well water analysis with purchase-systems built 20% over to accommodate changing wells    
• If We ship out of State we include a free connect kit- diagram and installation tips 
• Our systems are evolving with technology- We have solved the problems that plague filtration  
• Our systems are designed to withstand outdoor installations in the most humid climates  
• Nothing is easier to own or works better or delivers higher quality water !
• Our systems do not need a secondary pump and second bladder or secondary points 
• No dealer *service calls- We have the longest lasting filter medias 99.5% do not replace them even at 15 years ! 
• The Well Guru Super continues to filter and disinfects even if the power goes out
• Plugs in standard 110 outlet---or .... Our systems can also run off 12 volt AC Solar systems-- drawing less power then any other complete system!  IF the power is interrupted the disinfection process does not stop.  
• Exclusive "shock mode" so you can disinfect your homes plumbing pipes-with 100% pure chlorine -when desired (treats bacteria in piping that is present in all well water homes.  (lift up the lid on any of your commode tanks  if its slimy then you have bacteria in your homes plumbing..  You need our technology !   

Why Take a Chance on anything else?   Have you watched my Feature benefit video ? 
               go to YouTube visit Aquatic Filter Systems channel  (The 30 min Video explains our technology) 
 Our new upgraded system for  9-2015  is even more amazing !   

 Typical Questions: 

How do i Know I need a system like this for
my well ?

Answer: If your on a well ? you need this system!  nothing less (I would like to-
build less as this takes 12 to 20 hours to complete an order) but there is no
"good" well waters -- not anymore.. I see full spectrum reports from every State
and many Countries and there can be hundreds of contaminates., as well as the
problem elements that make life difficult on well water such as hardness and iron
ans sulfur smells.  You cannot delete any part of a Oxidation platform or it will not
fully process.  The problems will return rather quickly if they go away at all.  This is
what it takes to keep the well water "Fixed".  Our System makes bottled quality water 
at every tap.

 Lift up the "lid on the back of your commode" and you will no doubt feel a slimy
feeling (see my bacteria page) this is bacteria and even with a new home six weeks
 old bacteria begins to grow in all the pipes and tanks. Not to mention the damage
 having hard water does to plumbing and fixtures and water heaters and clothing etc..
Your water should feel clean clear and soft and smooth and not leave deposits and
leaving bathtub rings.. water should not create problems in the home- clean water
is problem free water. Even City water in most cities comes from a well..while it may
be iron free  it contains chlorination and contaminates and hardness.  There are also
millions of homes on septic systems including your home.. What can be more important
 then installing the best filter system?   

What if our well water falls outside the scope of the technology you offer ?

Answer: There can be in rare cases a problem that can require additional equipment
or recommended  so in that case we hold your payment until will get your approval.
This can occur in about 5% of Florida wells and 2% North of Florida.  We are experts
on all wells in all States ..we test and analyze more wells then any other single filter
shop in America .       

How do I place my  order? 

Answer: Take a half liter ( 15 oz ) drinking water bottle ( i.e  a store bought bottled- 
water brand plastic container) and empty it out (do not drink from it) fill it with your
 "well water" to the top and cap tightly.  If you do not have a current filter system
then draw it from your tap ( a hose bib or kitchen faucet) ..If you have a filter system
draw it from the bib at the base of your bladder tank (the big tank at the well with a air
valve on top)  this is before your filter system. If your not sure what your looking
at ?  text me a photo at 727-465-4610  I will let you know what your looking at and
if this is a good location to draw from.   

Time Frames:

Installation jobs: We will build your system and install it within 12 days 
after your funds are received..certain times of the year can take longer
contact us for approximate build times.  These are custom engineered systems
that are labor intensive and we build more full oxidation platforms then any shop
in State...We don't just play the "middle man" and sell you one of the standard
dated brands that is 48 year old technology   Our Systems are updated annually
to the latest technology we develop and test.                  

Shipping orders: Allow two weeks before delivery. 
 Note: Certain times of the year shipping can take longer as work load increases 
during the holidays,..if you want a more specific date we can give you that at the
time of sale.

  Holidays -bad weather conditions - busy seasons can extend build-or shipping windows . 

Current Sale: 

The Whole home Well Guru Super $4488.00. Total price.
 No other fees. 

Includes- FREE shipping to the lower 48 States - 
(I do not need to inspect well jobs- anyone that wants to come out and 
look at your job first is only trying to sell you their system on the spot,. this
industry runs much like many others where some Franchise filter dealers call
you the day you turn on your phone and go for setting an appointment.  We
do not sell this way..You should not buy this way.  There is no reason to go out
and physically examine the installation area and well water can be tested by sending
your sample by mail, You simply mail a half liter sample directly from the well unfiltered
and use a plastic drinking water container (cap it tight) mail with your $4488)

What about if we are in Florida and would like to install the system ourselves ?  

Answer: That's great ! call me for a custom quote on your new system!  


We except  personal or business checks, money orders on full platform  

system orders. We except PayPal on lesser orders.     

Make funds payable to:  Aquatic Filter Systems. 
Mailing Address :            531 83 rd Avenue North
                                Saint Petersburg, Florida.  33702   

Please include the following with all orders :

+Your email address for your well analysis
+your shipping/or installation address  
+how many live at the home or business that your new system will be serving
+If its a new home under construction (you should contact me for tips on pre- construction set up of plumbing).   
+Are there any needs for the treated filtered water other then the home ?

Unlike other Web sites and Dealers we dont need the number of bathrooms or homes square footage
this is a ploy to make sure you pay for a bigger system even if you dont have the family to occupy a
larger home.  Filtration is based on family size and usage of water..not the price you paid for the home.       

If your order is shipped ?

 We use UPS Freight (or one of the other selected couriers for your State and Street   and deliver to your driveway and
 lower your system down via  lift gate  and your system is secured on a pallet...The Systems are assembled but separated and all the difficult connections are completed here, its programmed for your well and family size (20% over for seasonal changes) and we include an easy to use quality install kit.  No portion the system is over 170 lbs so you can use a Dolly to move the components to the area for installation (They drop off at the drive way only) and The components are 22 inches or less in width so most doors ways you can use to move your new system through with no problem.            

We can deliver to home or business:

  Are you in Florida ?  We build and make ready all types of systems for customer pick ups.. call for a custom quote without shipping or installation.       

Best way to contact :

Cellular Call direct:  
727-465-4610 (I return calls same day)  Friday after 5 PM and  Weekends we return calls on Mondays.  You can send a text using your cell phone if you need to get a hold of me right away.  IF im in a area with poor reception I will return your text /Call ASAP.      

      leave a detailed message or text your message if you prefer  and you can also text forward photos  of your current system or proposed installation area from your smart phone.
(Smart Phone : phones that can take pictures and send texts with photos etc.) 

Or email

Emails are checked every 48 hours/ IF you need to get a hold of me right away
call or text my personal business cell phone  727-465-4610  Eric Watson/ Owner   

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