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 Here is a little information about me your AFS contact Eric Watson, my work ethics and some of my qualifications.   I am the owner and the engineer and the builder of each and everyone of the WellGuru's that leave this shop! 

      I have lived in Florida since 1967, We moved down from Conn.,  I have two Son's now age 24 and 21.  My oldest  works with me here at AFS full time and He is the shop Manager.  He attends every installation with me and has for the last ten years.    He now builds many of the components with my system's.   He also attends college for industrial engineering and drafting .  He took "self sustaining technologies" in commercial building for which He Graduated ! .  My other Son works here part time and just started college!


     I started my career working as a plumbers apprentice after school at age 9 with my older Brothers Plumbing business,  Where else could a kid make $7 digging a 60 foot ditch?   By the age of 18 I was working full time as a service plumber and became a licensed in the State of Florida soon after. I have worked on many commercial and residential plumbing projects, i.e. schools and Hospitals industrial fabrication buildings  as well as many high-rises and Government projects,custom homes track homes etc. I preferred Service plumbing and well water jobs (which is where I started in this industry). I worked with well filtration systems both building and troubleshooting while being a service plumber (I would get every job that came in ) . I was fortunate to be trained by the best in the industry.  Most of the filter dealers on the internet began this business working only as a middle Man (re-seller).  Most dealers have never installed even their own products !  there is a big difference between a mechanic and a salesman.    Over the years I have solved numerous problems associated with problem well water, and the flawed products made available to Dealers. I never had to rely on a paycheck from building over the counter systems (which are designed to make the dealer revenue) ..I built my systems to be reliable for by plumbing customers whom were on well water.  I recognized early in that there was a need for better systems., i began working on my own line of filtration thirty years ago...i spent countless nights and weekends working toward the perfect 2007 I believe I reached my "Zenith" in technology !   unless something in science comes along with new change in technology i can now go and done some weekend fishing .   

Reverse osmosis notice i use a 2 micron mask and gloves , dont look for other mechanics to work clean they dont bother not working clean can and will grow bacteria in units !

<<<The early 90s .... back when a cell phone made only phone calls.
     AFS --Reverse osmosis work shop.  
<<< Notice the micron mask and clean gloves ! 
     if a filter is not built "clean" it can be a
     nursery for bacteria .  We don't have those problems.

With the internet coming popular in the early 90's I was one of the very first online well water Dealers to market my Well Guru system to distant customers.  I then upgraded it again with my own technology which allows the system be troubleshooted over by Technical support easily.  If you notice other Dealers cannot offer a "real well water platform" shipped out ...its costly to build and labor intensive even if they use inexpensive components. What they build and offer wont stay working -They count on this for service revenue. 

Today's Well Guru has thousands of hours of Engineering to work for every type of well so its a job you only need do once !

I get emails every day from customers and many say "Sorry for the dumb questions  but can you answer a few before we buy"  One thing you should do whether or not you purchase from Me or anyone else, you should never make a choice of this magnitude unless you feel completely comfortable and your dealer can answer all your questions .  

Your Dealer should be an "open book" for your needs and answer any and all of your questions.  You should not respond to any pressure tactics !   there is no such thing as a "Big Sale Day"  and you have to buy today  or  we have only a 
scratch and dent system for the low price of XYn Z  and you save X amount today.....   don't deal with those types

will not be the end of your bad feelings  it will be the beginning !!   No Dealer in this business should make anyone feel stupid,  if they cannot bring you up to speed and answer all questions  (not a Salesman sent to your living room )   you should get all your answers..Dont let them say "Your Plumber will handle that" as most are not trained in water filtration especially well water.    

  A Dealer that will go "sideways" on all His or Her 
promises will be the first to call you on the phone as soon as your moving in and get your new phone switched on.  This is because what He sells does not work  and when you try and go back and point fingers for a bad remedy ?  He will say that He never said any such thing "You misunderstood"    Get your all your upfront and use a Dealer that give you answers and a remedy for all your problems after the sale if any come up.

 Dealer should not keep moving to "the sale"   i.e  asking to set an appointment or asking for your credit card  or  deposits   Don't work with those types.    You should feel completely comfortable before you buy anything and you should not have any outstanding concerns.

While I may not have the most modern web site  this means very little,  most of the internet Dealers Do not do this full time  they may work in another industry and their Wife answers the phone !  Any site that asks you "how many bathrooms "  you own to size your system  this is a non issue,  and its used to get the customer to "self assess" your worth !  then charge you for a over priced system based on your homes size or amount of bathrooms (thats why they put the little drop down box on the site )   if you have only one bathroom they know not to bother to ask for the most money, if you click you have 5 bathrooms your most likely going to get a phone call from the owner when He gets home from His day job and presents you with a larger more costly  system then you need for your family.

It all has to do with your water quality and persons living under the roof, don't get Bamboozled.    

What I need from you is a "half liter water sample" and "how many live full time in the home"    and if you have any unusual water usage ?    i.e a Barn with Horses that want good water   or boats and motorbikes to wash on weekends  this information is useful.  

 I also need to know the "size of your main water pipe" (to provide the final connectors) and what its made of, 

i.e  1" pvc  which is most typical.  If your not sure send a photo  or photos of your proposed installation area with
your water main (can be where your current failed system sits) or directly after the well bladder tank,.. if not sure
ask me  my cell number is 727-465-4610  you can text the photos .    

  With this information I will engineer you your own Well Guru Super  that can last in-defiantly (not two years).      
The internet has made it possible for "anyone" to get into this trade and there is a lot of money to be made if your willing to deceive people, 
 very few you talk to on here have actually even installed what they market.  Installing the wrong filter for the wrong water  and building the wrong system for the wrong water can cause your home to load up with bacteria,  provide a environment conducive for viruses or even cysts . 

You can also end up
consuming  much of the filtration media the Dealer used !  (like I said this is a full disclosure site)   I don't sugar coat anything.  Your paying me to "fix your families water" and you want straight and correct answers   my job is to provide answers that represent an actual representation of the situation.   That is what I do .

More about Me and My business and work ethics  and some tips when shopping;

I don't run "boiler rooms"  (a room full of telemarketers using the phone to sell)  those are the Dealers that call you the day you turn your phone on !   They offer a FREE water test (it's more like a big scare tactic)  and a soap kit to close the sale   they use 2% finance to close their deals with low payments as the hook  ($70 to $300) monthly,  which is actually not 2%  its   2% of the unpaid balance  the same as putting the entire system on a high rate credit card of 29% !   they all do it .  They also sell the biggest hunk of garbage you can ever lay eyes on,  they sell "good water" only, never talk about equipment !  they dare not go there !   they sell by making you wash your hands under a mini water softener that they clean after each job   they rub your hands together  they make coffee and tea for lunch   you can't get rid of them !   if you don't buy that day they call the shop and ask for that scratch and dent model to see if its been sold yet ?   really its the other salesman on His smoke break !    same  thing as other in home sales gimmicks   window and vacuum cleaner salesman do the same pony show,.   The Free soap kit they say that you will use to make the money back every month is so horrible it will get moldy in the garage before you use it,  and good luck getting the Women of the house to use any of it  especially with the shampoo !   All my Jobs come from Referrals and the internet and past customers moving to new homes and a repurchase.   Anyone calling to test your well or city water hang up and say you bought already !    

I have been doing this for three decades  and on the internet I have been here since windows 3.1 !  and I don't think you will find a single consumer making a complaint on the internet   that's a big testimony in it self if you think about it ?!  You cant rob someone for a bad Ronco Onion slicer before you find someone saying something bad on the net,  and all you have to do is Google it.   Even the Fbi uses Google and not there multi million dollar data base !   you cant hide there !    The worst thing you could ever do is ask any  company or single workman for His or Her customer referrals .   If your shopping for a Roofer or Well man or anything in between  the worst of the worst will hope you did not scour the internet of call any of the consumer watch Dogs to see if they have complaints , they will hope you ask for the typical five happy customers !    well that's what you will get  is five of their happy customers,  you will never get the 1500 unhappy customers.    Makes a load of sense doesn't it ?  Recall when the guy that did the pool checked out  but the second He got His $7 grand down He wouldn't show  up again until He spent your money ? 
That's because He gave you the five customers He uses all the time in your area.   Likewise those that operate by giving up their valued customers to be called at 10 PM by strangers  Will also ask you for 10 of your best friends from your address book when  your paying for the job !   these will no longer be your friends when He or She gets done with them.    Trust me  I have been doing this a long time,  I hear these types joking about these topics at water conventions   its a racket and it spreads over many trades.   

When you do business with me I will never under any circumstances ask you to allow me to give out your address or email or phone to anyone for any reason !   I don't do it for any reason because there are incredibly crafty new crooks these days,  and many are construction thieves and the last thing they want to do is buy a well filter !  but they do think there entitled to yours !  and even though you spent the time and money on the right system   they need only five minutes to cut it all loose.. and toss it in the pickup truck.  You don't want anyone knowing you have a "full system" available,  and no one should have to make a living off of your back  IF they do have to get and give referrals to get their business  you should get a huge discount.  I wont ever ask you for your families numbers and names or your friends.  If you would like to Refer Us ?  that is always appreciated.  A Respectable business does not ask you to open your address book.       

Well that's a little about me.... and a little about my work ethics and some more Tips on how to choose a Dealer If you decide to go with another outfit or I just cannot do your job in the time frame you desire, or your just in the beginning stages and your shopping and a long way off from a purchase. IF you think you found a better deal ? Send me the link I will tell you how often I remove that system and how long it will last before you need costly dealer repairs. I know my competitors  I have been doing this all my life ..every day  Its what I do full time.   

No matter how hopeless you think your water is  I can "fix" your water    

                               Don't chance something as important as your water to just anyone!

                               GET THE WELL-GURU ON THE JOB!!!    

Eric Watson  
Aquatic Filter Systems 
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