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 This is a question asked of me often. The answer is yes

all the minerals are removed after the water has been treated. The minerals that are present in city water or well water,  deep or shallow  are not the beneficial minerals most people think they are.  We call them "ore" in this business.  These are the minerals that can be responsible for kidney stones and are not easily absorbed by your body.  These minerals ( hard water ) also cause build up in plumbing pipes (clogs) and when mixed with body oils dirt and soaps, form "soap curd" which is not easy to clean from tile, tubs, glasses and showers.   They can also hinder the way prescription medicine works since drugs are tested with purified water.  It has also been established hard water can decrease prescription drug absorption by up to 40%.  It only makes sense that food nutrients could also be hindered by hard water particulate blocking absorption in the digestive process.        


What are they worth?   Well,  it has been said by medical professionals that you must drink 50 gallons of tap water "spring water" to get the minerals that just one banana can give you!  That is a lot of glasses of tap water!  

The bottom line is that your body gets it's minerals from the food you eat.  In my opinion and many professionals also share the same, there is no "good" spring water available to us anymore- anywhere,  it has all been exposed to some form of contamination.  The best way to get good water is to make your own in home, with a quality Reverse-Osmosis.


The Aquifer in Florida is basically a huge underground river that moves at a snails pace as it picks up contaminates from industrial and natural pollutants that may wash down into it.  To purify water and turn it back into hydrogen and 02 (its natural form), The minerals (ore) are the first to filter out to get to the contaminants which can be much smaller.  If you can't invest in one of our Reverse-Osmosis systems then buy water LABELED "purified".  Waters with "spring water"  are nothing more than ordinary tap water 3 out of 4 times.  Since good bottled water can cost $1.30 a half liter you can spend easily 2 to 6 dollars a day,  thats $60 to $180 dollars a month per person!   The facts are nobody takes a single day off from drinking water,  it can really add up fast. 



    Reverse Osmosis water is also a great alternative to high calorie sugery drinks, which can drain more bucks from your wallet and add inches to the waist line.  


     Did you know the very last sign of dehydration is a dry mouth?

 Did you know that your body requires a minimum of five glasses of water every 24 hours for proper digestion and organ function ?   

 Many disesases can be traced to not drinking enough water.

 Just a mere 2% drop in body water can trigger back aches and migranes.


     Doesen't it make sence that in seven years your body water is completely replaced, that you should be useing the purist water you can find? if your eyes , heart,  liver,  kidneys,  brain are all 70 to 89% percent water shoulden't

you be drinking the best?    Why trust your only body  to industry imposters who filter water useing  Ozone,  Carbon,  Twine filters ?  If Cancer starts by one individual cell going bad, then it only makes sence to pull out contaminates and substances down to the size of a atom,  inline filters  dont do this  only Reverse- Osmosis can filter safely.   Water Distillation can't take out Chloramines or the complete spectrum of contaminates.                


       Owning your own system and refilling bottles can pay for itself in just a few months, not to mention the hassle of buying water and running out frequently.    



       Our Reverse-Osmosis can also be hooked up to a ice maker for perfect cubes. Our system can remove substances from your drinking water down to the size of an atom !  no inline filter or screw to the end spout filter etc;  can do that.

Building a home ?   Consult me first for tips for your build plumber to make your filtration systems go in easier and for optimum service .    

     I custom build every Reverse -Osmosis and mine is built to the highest standards.  



                           call:     (727) 465-4610    Eric Watson
 (The Owner a Qualified Mechanic with over forty years of experience)

You can text me photos of under your sink and your sink top and I can provide the correct speed type fittings to make connection a snap !  a lot has changed in technology and just about anyone can install their own system.   No one builds a better Reverse Osmosis  and I have several models to best suit your needs at the best prices for the most advanced easy to manage technology.    






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